The Heart channel

The Heart channel

“For 35 years, my wife and I have turned to acupuncture to complement a physician’s care. We are fortunate to have found Ruthie Moss in Hilo.  I was completing a course of chemotherapy and felt my feeling of dullness (of energy, of mind and body) could be helped by acupuncture. First Ruthie worked on raising my level of chi (energy). Then she worked on the aches and pains that had accumulated during my year of chemo. A persistent problem with sciatica and neuropathy improved.  My breathing  function improved. My shoulder pains diminished. I was then motivated to exercise more.  My wife went to Ruthie for pain from sciatica. Ruthie was able to treat her and suggested some helpful exercises. She also recommended the use of an inexpensive orthopedic seat.  We will continue to use Ruthie as needed. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable acupuncturist, and she has our highest recommendation.”  Andy, Age 75, 2022

“Ruthie is fabulous – warm, engaging and brilliant with the care that she provides. I came to her with a great deal of pain through my lower back and into my right hip and down my leg. I had sciatica and was also accidentally found to have a kidney issue at the hospital, prior to her treatment. Ruthie provided care on all fronts and after three sessions I feel significantly better. I have had more energy and an increasing greater range of movement. She also was able to locate a core problem with my psoas muscle that had been missed during 8 weeks of physical therapy. Her continued work with this has enabled me to further improve (quite significantly) and she also gave me exercises for me to provide my own self-care to maintain improvement. I cannot recommend Ruthie highly enough!” Kelly, age 43, 2022

“Thank you Ruthie, I feel so much better! I have hope and inspiration to move forward. Thank you for resetting and unlocking my muscles, I am in less pain and I am walking smoother and steadier.  I look forward to continuing our work together. Great work you do!” Leah, age 65,  2022

“I am so grateful for all the caring efforts and attention you have given me over the last year. My levels of discomfort have not been this low in years and even better is that I sense more to come. Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough but I’ll say it anyway!”  Don, age 57, 2021

“Excellent news to share! My toes on both feet have nearly 80-90% more feeling back! Huge difference! Neck also much more relaxed. You da best!”   Pattie, age 67, 2021

“I have to tell you that what you did yesterday alleviated an immense amount of pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulder.  Those areas feel better than they have in a very long time. Thank you!! Looking forward to more…”   Dave, age 61, 2020

“Thank you Ruthie for providing individualized treatment for my unique body and focusing on my expressed healing goals.  I love that every session is different and I can tell you love what you do with how you engage curiously and show up fully.  I have noticed I am attuned to my body in a new way and feel more alive and embodied.  Can’t wait to work with you again!”  Emily, age 31, 2020

“Ruthie is great. This was my first time getting acupuncture and I’m really glad I gave it a try. Ruthie has a great presence and seems very attuned to my needs. We’ve been working on my tight jaw and the results have been amazing. We are also working oh hip and neck tightness, which have been going equally as well. It is a lovely office, easy to find. I’ve never had trouble with parking”
Jessy, Age 30, 2020

“I have received four treatments from Ruthie Moss and thus far and I have been more than pleased.  Besides being very cordial and sincere her other attributes include:
*her professionalism
*her training in different acupuncture methods/schools
*treatments used based on needs/symptoms….not one standard treatment for all
*different approaches used until success achieved
In the past I have worked with other acupuncture practitioners, so this is not my ‘first time’ experience. Past exposure has helped to recognized her attributes. I am so very glad we have Ruthie Moss in our community! Mahalo nui loa”
Lynn, age 75, 2017

“For the last four-five years I have had problems with Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet. I had numbness, feelings of pins and needles, and sharp throbbing pain while walking and sleeping. I went to see Ruthie January of 2016 to see if she could help with this problem. After the first visit I began to see a difference. I have now been for my fourth visit. It has been amazing to see the difference. The numbness has almost gone away, the feeling of pins and needles has disappeared and the throbbing pain has been reduced considerably. I only have these pains on an occasional basis instead of all night.  Ruthie has really made a difference in my life. I can get a good night’s sleep without being awakened with the feeling of pins and needles, and throbbing pain in my feet. I would highly recommend Ruthie Moss for acupuncture treatments to help  reduce pain associated with Peripheral Neuropathy.”
Harold, age 74, 2016

“Following an endometrial cancer diagnosis, a hysterectomy and chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I developed neuropathy and swelling in my feed and hands.  My oncology nurse suggested I might consider acupuncture treatments.  Ruthie was recommended by a friend.  After my first treatment I felt less numbness in my feet.  I continued 6 weekly treatments with great success in my feet and hands.  Her treatment for the edema in my legs totally keeps the circulation open and the swelling down.  And a Bonus!  I have had diverticulosis for many years and in Ruthie’s first examination she talked to me about an intestinal situation she detected.  She began treating my whole body.  I cannot begin to tell you what Acupuncture and Ruthie Moss’s treatments have done for my neuropathy, diverticulosis, edema and overall wellness.  I am so thankful to those in the medical field who have knowledge and willingness to recommend acupuncture as an alternative treatment to many physical problems,  and to therapists like Ruthie Moss, who have the knowledge and patience to search out, find and treat many ails of the human body. Please do not hesitate to seek relief from pain and other physical problems through Acupuncture”
Sue, Age 80, 2016

“I’ve been to over 15 acupuncturists in Hawaii and California and Ruthie is by far the best. Her interactive style is very accurate. Expect to participate for a portion of the treatment. She has treated me for multiple ailments including, musculoskeletal issues, female hormone treatments and balancing, and immune system. She also supplements my treatments with high quality herbs. She is AMAZING. I don’t know how Chinese medicine works, but it does.”
Andy, Age 32, 2016

“I am so grateful I have met Ruthie. I am amazed at EVERY session how deeply healing her treatment is. I can feel my body finally restoring balance and strength after suffering for years. I have always liked acupuncture treatment and had many of it before but I didn’t know how specific and effective it could be until I met Ruthie. It’s beautiful to see how she works with her sharp mind and her skilled hands paying attention to such details to find the very points that are truly helpful. Ruthie is an incredible healer.”
Ann, age 37, 2014

“I have been a patient on and off for three years. Ruthie Moss integrates Japanese style acupuncture with other techniques she has learned. I appreciate her base knowledge and her style which utilizes in the moment feedback from her patient’s body. I have been a challenging patient yet her enthusiasm and research for my special circumstances have helped me immensely. She has worked with me on general health, healing from a broken ankle and now with healing nerve damage do to a pinched spinal cord. I highly recommend and endorse her!”
Tracy, age 45, 2015

“Ruthie helped my menstrual pains and I always enjoy coming to treatment. Her needling is painless, and her style is not only effective but quite magical.”
Jackie, age 28, 2015

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