Are You Looking to Treat Deep Physical Roots Affecting Your Health?

The Kidney Channel

The Kidney Channel

Perhaps you have been struggling with a health condition for a while, and you have felt only partial relief with western medicine, supplements or physical therapy.  Dietary changes you have been experimenting with seem to lead nowhere.  Perhaps you are not sure how to proceed next and feel stuck and frustrated with your current situation. My treatments include identifying long term internal or structural weaknesses and traumas that are perpetuating your condition or blocking your recovery.  I spend time probing for areas of constraint and tenderness on your body looking for physical holding patterns.  Releasing these patterns during our sessions will provide both short-term relief from your symptoms, and will allow your body to heal.

I offer free consultations (30min long on average). Do you have an unresolved issue I can help you with? I invite you to come by, meet me and share your story.

My style:

My Treatments combine several styles of acupuncture; Japanese styles (primarily Kiiko Matsumoto Style), musculoskeletal styles of needling (primarily Sports Medicine Acupuncture) and classical Chinese styles. For herbal medicine I use Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Musculoskeletal Styles of needling address your structural alignment, excel at rehabilitating structural injuries and addressing musculoskeletal pain.
Japanese Styles of acupuncture focus on increasing the patient’s healing potential, addressing constitutional and internal conditions.
Classical Chinese Styles address additional symptoms and strengthen the overall treatment.

The Pericardium Channel

What to expect?

Musculoskeletal needling – during these treatments, we identify the muscle groups and channels we want to address by checking your alignment, using manual muscle testing and observing range of motion, and palpating the effected areas. Needling is often felt as a dull achy sensation, and at times elicits a ‘twitch’ sensation in muscles, termed muscle fasciculation.

Emphasis on touch as a key diagnostic tool – by examining pain and tenderness on areas of your body, often the abdomen and neck, the body’s physical ‘holding pattern’ is revealed. Releasing these tender painful areas during the treatment is the focus of Japanese style sessions. During these treatment, I often ‘test’ acupuncture points by putting my finger on them and then re-examining the painful tender areas found on the body.  This style gives us instant feedback as to how well the treatment is working.

Use of few, thin needles, and shallow insertions – when I work with Japanese styles of acupuncture I insert needles precisely only into locations that eliminate or significantly reduce pain in the body. This results in fewer needles used. Japanese style needling is very shallow and painless, and patients often feel no sensation during the insertion and no discomfort during the treatment whatsoever.

Use of moxibustion – burning the herb mugwort on or over the body, called moxibustion therapy, is commonly used to direct and enhance the effectiveness of the needles.

People Commonly Come See Me for:
Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction
Sport or work related injuries
Women’s health concerns and prenatal care
Chronic health concerns affecting one’s quality of life

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