About Ruthie Moss L.Ac

The Bladder Channel, internally connecting to the fetus
The Bladder channel with its internal branch connecting to the fetus

Growing up I was an investigator. I chose to question, challenge and experiment, coming up with my own understandings. I was curious and as a result, never bored. In my life as a grownup I continue with my investigative mind.  I find this trait very valuable in my practice. I choose to work with styles of acupuncture that emphasizes exploring the patient’s body and continually cross-checking the treatment with the body’s response.

In my twenties I found myself struggling with health conditions and western medicine offered little relief.  I had digestive problems and bad menstrual pains. I depended on pain medication most of the month.  I was constantly bloated, gassy and miserable.  I tried several treatment options and diets and finally I found an alternative healer who worked with a style of Tibetan medicine. She gave me acupuncture and I drank her herbs. Surprisingly to me, her treatments worked and they sparked my curiousity.  My digestion patterns gradually cleared and my endometriosis shrank, then disappeared (to date).  A year later I was pain free and spending my time researching alternative medicine schools for my own studies.

the spleen channel
The Spleen Channel

I pick my doctors based on my relationship with them. I look for doctors that listen to my observations and don’t dismiss my experience. I trust doctors that base their diagnosis on sufficient objective information and that are willing to ‘think out of the box’. Likewise, I try and listen to my patients, hear their unique experience and trust their intuition and judgment. I base my diagnoses and treatment plans on sufficient objective physical findings. If needed, I research treatment strategies, and consult with colleges to maximize the effectiveness of my treatments.

My investigative mind enjoys challenges. Do you have an unresolved issue I can help you with? I invite you to come by, meet me and share your story. 

Work –

  • Private Practice –  In my private practice I focus on structural health and pain management, as well as women’s health and internal medicine. I combine several styles of acupuncture: Structural styles (primary influenced by Sport Medicine Acupuncture),  Japanese styles (primarily Kiiko Matsumoto Style – KMS) and classical Chinese Medicine styles. I routinely use Tuina (Chinese Medicine manual manipulation), structural alignment exercises, Chinese herbal medicine and dietary modifications.
    • Teacher at ICAOM – ICAOM (Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) offers Master and Doctorate degrees in acupuncture and oriental medicine. ICAOM is located in Honolulu and has an auxiliary classroom in Waimea. 

Education –

  • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM), OCOM (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine) – 2009
  • Acu-Detox Specialist, NADA Certification (National Acupunctre Detox Association) – 2009
  • Board certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine,  NCCAOM Certification (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) – 2009

Licensed Acupuncture in the State of Hawaii – License # ACU1054

Ruthie Moss LAc LLC   *   Kaikodo Building – 64 Keawe St. Suite 303, Hilo, HI 96720   *   808 – 969 – 3989